Be daring and defy the traditional bottle stigma.


  • Create high-end packaging for Griffon Premium Vodka in a Box
  • Develop a box with higher structural integrity, at a lower cost point, with a flat, stable surface for the shelf
  • Create a box that allowed customers to use it in both the freezer and refrigerator

What we did:

  • Used laminated paperboard construction to provide the structural integrity required to support bag-in-a-box construction, as well as the structural integrity needed throughout the supply chain
  • Developed a multi-level embossing tool that provided a highly detailed raised image of the company logo
  • Applied a spot high gloss UV coating over a matte background coating in order to make the logo and other graphic elements stand out
  • Used a laminated substrate with virgin fibers for both the top and base sheets to create a moisture barrier for freezer and refrigerator use
  • Used StrataGraph® web printing and converting process to give the customer a lower cost point


  • A high-end look box reflecting Griffon Premium Vodka’s brand and messaging: “Be daring and defy the traditional bottle stigma. Break the glass habit and help mother earth”
  • Retail packaging that differentiates itself from all other glass bottle vodka products on the shelves
  • A box that locks in freshness and prevents oxidation; it’s easy to use and store in the freezer or refrigerator
  • Laminated paperboard constructing offers higher structural integrity at a lower cost
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