Green Mill Pizza Packaging


  • Develop an innovative new, pizza packaging solution that cuts cost and holds up throughout the supply chain
  • Create high-end packaging that is easily accessible and does not slow down time to market
  • Deliver cost savings

What We Did:

  • Great Northern StrataGraph® is the source of a new pizza structure that outperforms competitors, is readily available and costs less
  • We amped up consumer attraction with a box that is 10 points brighter than alternative material; printed text and graphics are brilliant
  • Because the structure is created from our own pre-stocked material, we’ve reduced lead time from paper mills and thus time to market
  • StrataGraph’s laminated structure is stronger, allowing for a reduction in caliper for lower costs
  • We make it strong and sustainable; the StrataGraph® pizza box is strong enough to withstand the rigors of freezer conditions while containing 90% post-consumer waste


  • Improved package printing
  • Reduction in material by being able to use a thinner caliper equating to cost savings
  • Improved speed to market through utilization of materials on hand
  • Improved performance on the packaging line
Frozen Pizza Packaging

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