Dippin’ Stix Folding Carton Replacement


  • Replace a generic folding carton inside a C-flute master with a high graphic retail ready solution
  • Develop a cost-effective design and print run flexibility to handle multiple SKU’s
  • Make the package more sustainable and still perform through the supply chain

What We Did

  • Designed a one-piece, retail ready packaging structure using our .036 StrataGraph® laminated paperboard
  • Performed successful ISTA and simulated testing


  • More retail presence on the shelf, less labor and waste during in-store stocking
  • Customized color scheme now easily identified through the supply chain
  • Structural change implemented allowed use of existing packaging equipment
  • 50% reduction in space needed on the filling line with single component package
  • Freight savings of 15% resulted from increasing finished cartons per pallet from 250 to 320
  • 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions combined to improve packaging sustainability scorecard from 2.5 to 9.0

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