Durable Packaging for Shelf-Ready


Crunch Pak, producer of healthy snack options, asked Great Northern to create a package that would be strong enough to withstand the rigors of supply chain and refrigerated environments.

They also wanted the package to stand out on the shelf with high-end graphics and they needed flexibility with graphic changes for different promotions and holidays. Finally, Crunch Pak needed to meet a required price point, so they wanted to save on cost by going to digital print.

The Solution


Digital printing was used to reach a required price point


UV coating to add shine and rub resistance

Special Features

Uniquely engineered perforated tear off for better shelf appeal


Strong enough to handle the rigors of supply chain and refrigerated environments


To create a sustainable, cost effective and eye-catching package, our designers chose a 37-pt. laminated paperboard construction. This laminated paperboard combination provides plenty of structural integrity to support the weight of the product and is built to endure the rigors of the supply chain environment. A uniquely engineered tear off perforation was designed to be removed easily and cleanly while still maintaining its strength. Also, there is an auto bottom base with RSC top for ease of semi-automated co-packing.

Using a high-speed digital press, upscale graphics are printed onto the laminated paperboard giving the package great shelf appeal. Color matching and profiling in prepress and on the digital press allowed us to match customer specified background and logo color using a 4-color process. This also let Crunch Pak have the flexibility they wanted to change their graphics for special promotions and holidays.

The background colors and graphics are placed in a position where the tear off feature will not affect the overall look of the package when it is on the shelves. UV coating was then used to add shine and rub resistance to the package.

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