Packaging for Seltzers

Packaging for Seltzers


With seltzers becoming more and more popular in the alcoholic beverage market, standing out on a crowded shelf is essential. Our structural design expertise and high-quality print solutions will not only ensure your package stands out, but it will also standup to the rigors of your supply chain and accommodate your fulfillment requirements.

Seltzers most commonly come in 4, 8, and 12 pack cartons and cases, however, custom sizes are available upon request. Features such as sleeves, handles and coatings can also be added to your package. Sleeves are designed to go over a standard corrugated tray and improve the look of a product quickly and easily. Reinforced handles have multiple layers of material built into the construction to ensure that the seltzers are secured during customer handlings. Different coatings, inks and varnishes can be added to your package to help make it pop at retail.
ns, different coatings, and accommodate your fulfillment requirements – all at a competitive price.

We can also help with your Targeted Packaging Strategy.


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Beverage Packaging Webinar

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Retail Image Wrap


Our Image Wrap product is a low-cost packaging solution that helps your seltzer package stand out at retail.

Our enhanced graphic capabilities can reproduce your brand’s image and help your pallet, case stack, or lobby display get noticed. Image Wrap can be used as in-store signage or banners.

  • Ease of Use – easy installation and switch out at the store level
  • Money Saving – cost-effective and budget-friendly
  • Relevant – messaging can be adjusted for promotions and new products


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Breakthrough At Retail



Available in 4, 8, and 12 pack
Easy-to-carry handles
Easy-open perforations
Custom carton styles



Digitally printed
Short make ready and run time
Low minimums and no minimum per print


SKU Management

Reduced Inventories
Less package obsolescence
Lower overall price per package



High strength packaging
Keeps structural integrity in refrigerated environment
Easy to erect, fill and seal

Samples of Our Seltzer Packaging Work


Targeted Packaging Strategy

Using our digital print capability, you can order packaging for each SKU according to demand. Digital print also allows you to combine lower-volume SKUs with higher volume SKUs in the same print run, resulting in a lower overall price per package, reduced inventories, and less package obsolescence. Great Northern helps your brand test the market with new varieties of seltzers without having to make significant, upfront investments in printed packaging.

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