Bag in Box Packaging

bag in box packaging


Our laminated paperboard construction offers higher structural integrity required to support bag-in-a-box construction, as well as the structural integrity needed throughout the supply chain. By using a laminated substrate we provide a product that meets the requirements for freezer or refrigeration use.

Our StrataGraph construction and converting process gives our customers the opportunity to enhance their brand image with multi-level embossing, UV coatings, metallic inks and more. Other advantages include:


  • Strong enough to be palletized without additional packaging
  • Less bulge leads to easier stacking and cleaner shelf presence
  • Withstands the rigors of filling and shipping


  • Smaller carbon footprint than typical sheet-fed operations
  • Less energy is used to produce packaging than glass bottles
  • Packaged flat to save storage and shipping space


Griffon Vodka Success Story

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Griffon is winning at retail with bag in box packaging!

Powers Wine Success Story

bag in box wine packaging

Powers Wine is winning at retail with bag in box packaging!

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SKU Management Strategy

Using our digital print capability, you can order packaging according to demand for each SKU. With the efficiencies of digital print, you can combine lower-volume SKUs with higher volume SKUs in the same print run. The result is often a lower overall price per package, reduced inventories, and less package obsolescence. Great Northern StrataGraph’s digital print solution helps your brand test the market with new products varieties without having to make significant, upfront investments in printed packaging.

Custom print features such as metallic inks, embossing, protective coatings and varnishes, and custom scents can also be applied efficiently and economically.

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