The Rise of Shelf-Ready Packaging

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Shelf-ready packages are used on retail shelves more than ever. Retailers like shelf-ready packaging because it reduces labor costs. CPGs also benefit from this packaging solution because it helps brands stand out on shelf and the packaging displays the product the way it should be displayed, resulting in a better experience for the customer.

What is shelf-ready packaging?

Shelf-ready packaging refers to a product that is delivered to a retailer in optimized packaging for efficient stocking and sale. Great Northern’s StrataGraph® manufacturing process laminates a litho-quality, printed top sheet to a folding boxboard material that is engineered to meet your package strength requirements.

This flexible process delivers shelf-ready packaging that performs well throughout your supply chain with vivid, high-impact graphics for shopper engagement. Having easy-to-open perforation features on the package create a clean look at retail.

Why is shelf-ready packaging important?

The demand for shelf-ready packaging is increasing because big-box retailers want to reduce their operational costs. Shelf-ready packaging cuts down on labor by not having to stock, display, or dispose of leftover packaging. Chet Rutledge, former Director of Packaging Solutions, Private Brands for Walmart said, “Labor is Walmart’s No. 1 cost, so there are operational benefits to making the packaging easier to open and display,” according to John Kalkowski of Packaging Digest.

Benefits of shelf-ready packaging

Reducing labor cost is not the only benefit that shelf-ready packaging has to offer. Shelf-ready packaging can serve as free advertising space for your brand by utilizing every angle of the display to communicate your message to the customer.

Shelf-ready packaging is also designed to be stable, stackable, and easier to open, meaning your product will not look messy on the shelf and there is less of a chance of your product being damaged during the unboxing process. Finally, shelf-ready packaging is more compact, meaning you can fit more product onto one pallet, resulting in fewer deliveries and less warehousing space needed.

Shelf-Ready Packaging

4 Ways to Have Your Seasonal Beverage Breakthrough at Retail

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Standing out in a crowded cooler inside the alcohol section of a store is getting tougher to do every year. It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new beverage with new flavors coming out, and seasonal beverages are no different. This is a result of people being more willing to try new flavors now more than ever before. So, in case you’re wondering “How can I get my brand noticed by the customer?”, here are four ways to do just that!

Quality packaging design

The design of your package is more important than you may think. The package design is the first thing the customer sees when they’re in the store, and they already start forming opinions about your brand. Having a strong, structurally sound package conveys to the customer that the product inside is of high-quality.

Another important design feature is easy-to-carry handles. That makes carrying the package easier and more comfortable for the customer. Easy-open perforations is another nice design feature that allows for the customer to easily access the beverage inside with no hassle.

Print speed and variations

Digital print offers your brand multiple benefits when you’re trying to get it to market. Digitally printed packaging uses seamless, rapid image changeover because no plate changes are required, allowing for product variation that improves shelf presence. This not only allows for your seasonal beverage to get to the market faster, but it also gives the customer more options.

Another feature of digital print is having the flexibility to order quantities that meet YOUR specific needs. This means you can reduce inventories with low quantity runs, producing less waste and further decreasing set-up times.

SKU management

Seasonal beverages are just that…SEASONAL. Meaning they’re going to change throughout the year and require flexibility when being produced. SKU management gives your brand the flexibility to test the market with new seasonal beverages without having to order excess inventory.

If you know one of your beverages does better than others, you can order more packaging for that beverage, than you do for others. Another advantage of SKU management is having the ability to combine small and medium order quantities together so you can reach a lower price point per package.

Strong performance

Have you ever bought something and when you opened the box you see that it’s been damaged? You get upset because it looks NOTHING like the picture on the package. Making sure your beverage is protected every step of the way from the moment it’s packaged all the way to the customer first opening it, is critical when it comes to the customers experience with your brand.

High strength engineered paperboard specifically designed for beverage packaging will protect the product during shipping. However, just making sure it survives supply chain isn’t enough. You need to also make sure the package has enough structural integrity to withstand refrigerated environments as well.

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