Great Northern Announces G7 Master Qualification at its Oshkosh Facility

StrataGraph - G7 Master Qualification

In the average 30-minute shopping trip, a shopper’s decision of whether to pick up an item vs. the 17,000 other products, takes around 2.6 seconds. That’s why, in the never-ending quest of consumer attention, having a more predictable, consistent use of color is an edge worth having.

The G7 Master status, obtained by Great Northern’s Oshkosh facility, assures brands that its use of color will be visually consistent through all print production, regardless of what kind of printing, ink, or paper is used in production. Additionally, consistent G7 calibration lowers operational costs throughout the supply chain by reducing the amount of ICC profiling and re-profiling required.

Brand Packaging’s recent Must-See Product feature highlights the importance of color choice, accuracy, and consistency for packaging design. Brands can be assured that Great Northern StrataGraph’s G7 Master certification supports color consistency and accuracy on every package printed.

G7 Master status is attained only by trained G7 Professionals and G7 Experts and by companies who qualify for G7 Master Qualification on an annual basis.

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